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Business Areas

Borregaard is organised into three business areas according to market and product type:

  • Performance Chemicals, including Borregaard LignoTech
    (lignin-based products and trading activities)
  • Speciality Cellulose, including Borregaard ChemCell
    (Speciality Cellulose and Bioethanol)
  • Other Businesses, including Borregaard Synthesis and Borregaard Ingredients 
    (Vanillin, Fine Chemicals, Cellulose Fibrils and basic chemicals)
  • Borregaard LignoTech

    Borregaard LignoTech is a leading global supplier of lignin-based binding and dispersing agents. Read more
  • Borregaard ChemCell

    Borregaard ChemCell has a leading position within advanced speciality cellulose. In addition, ChemCell produces second generation bioethanol based on timber. Read more
  • Ingredients

    Borregaard's Ingredients business holds strong positions within vanillin for foodstuffs. Read more
  • Fine Chemicals

    Borregaard is a leading supplier of fine chemicals to the global pharmaceutical market. Read more
  • Cellulose Fibrils

    Borregaard is a leading producer of microfibrillated cellulose. Cellulose Fibrils consists of two product rages; SenseFi for food products and Exilva for industrial applications.  Read more