Enova supports biogas plant

Borregaard has been awarded NOK 30 million from Enova to build a new plant that will both clean waste flows from industrial processes and produce biogas. On Thursday 18 August, Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy Ola Borten Moe visited Borregaard Factories in Sarpsborg.

“Renewable energy production is an important area for the government to focus on. This award demonstrates yet again the potential for converting from fossil energy sources to renewable energy in the industry. Growing interest in investing in new, environmentally-friendly solutions shows that industry players are taking the challenges of the future seriously. All industrial operators should examine their own energy consumption to ensure that energy is used efficiently and that the opportunities to use renewable energy are exploited,” says Ola Borten Moe, the Minister of Petroleum and Energy.


The award will enable increased renewable energy production of 34.9 GWh of biogas annually. The gas that is produced will be used for the company’s lignin drying, and will replace heavy fuel oil and propane.
The total investment associated with the new plant is estimated at NOK 150 million. The plant can produce up to 45.9 GWh of biogas annually. In the initial phase, the plant will produce around 37 GWh per year, but a planned expansion of the factory is expected to increase this to 45.9 GWh from 2015.


Enova is a government company owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, and is the government’s most important tool in the environmentally-friendly conversion of energy consumption and energy production. Enova has the freedom to make its own decisions in individual cases. The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy does not participate in the processing of individual cases and is not the appeal body for decisions made by Enova.