Responsible Care

Borregaard acknowledges that the company has a particular responsibility to respect the environment. Therefore, Borregaard has committed to the international environmental responsibility programme Responsible Care.

Basic principles for Responsible Care

The companies involved are committed as follows: We will manage and carry out all parts of our operations in a way which protects health and takes care of safety for employees, suppliers of goods and services, customers, users, neighbours and the general public. We will save resources, take care of the surroundings and protect the external environment. We show our commitment to sustainable development and continual improvement by following these principles:

1. Policy

We will have a policy for environment, health and safety (EHS) which correctly expresses our committed involvement and is an integrated part of our other business policies. It will be familiar to and normative for all employees.

2. Our own and suppliers' employees

Participation and commitment from all employees will be paramount in achieving our goals. We will have ethical personnel guidelines as well as communication, education and training programmes to achieve such commitment and the skills involved.

3. Exchange and dissemination of experience

In addition to ensuring that our activities cover all relevant requirements, we will actively share experience with our industry colleagues and seek to learn and implement "best practice" in our own operations. We wish to have colleagues in our industry linked to Responsible Care and impart knowledge of the programme to the general public.

4. Authorities

We actively seek to collaborate with legislators and other authorities in the field of public preparedness.

5. Place of production

We will subject our production and processes to close examination, have complete management responsibility for them and work towards reducing risk and inconvenience associated with them. We expect the same from our suppliers of goods and services.

6. Product development and management

We will examine and inform about any risk associated with our products, if possible reduce the risk, ensure that risk is handled in a proper way throughout the whole value chain and if necessary implement relevant programmes involving suppliers, distributors, transporters, customers, users and those who handle waste.

7. Resource management

We will analyse our resource sources and will economise the use of water, energy, raw materials and land. We work towards the reduction of emissions and waste in all areas, and organise our operations so that the loss of resources due to safety problems and other circumstances is minimised.

8. Stakeholders

We set concrete goals, monitor our EHS results and report regularly to our employees, surrounding neighbourhood and interested parties about positive and less positive aspects of our development. We will listen and initiate dialogue about our activities and products.

9. Management systems

We will introduce and maintain documented management systems which take into account the Responsible Care principles and which are also the subject of a formal evaluation (validation).

10. Past, present and future

Responsible Care includes past impacts, current activities and also possible impacts in the future. RC companies commit themselves to these basic principles and to an annual review of their implementation.