Borregaard and REACH

REACH is the name of new chemical regulations in the EEA which aim to enhance the level of protection for health and the environment.

The main elements in the regulations are: Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction.

Improved protection of health and the environment will be achieved through better knowledge of the inherent properties and use of substances and the industry is responsible for obtaining/producing relevant data and communicating safe use of substances in the supply chain. Participants that produce and/or import substances > 1 ton per year in the EEA have the most stringent requirements in REACH, but distributors, downstream users, etc. will also be affected to a greater or lesser degree.

After the pre-registration period closed on 01/12/2008, the substances are to be registered in periods depending on tonnage and inherent properties (classification). The deadlines are December 2010, June 2013 and June 2018 (for the smallest tonnages). All new substances produced or imported which are > 1 ton per year must be registered before they can be placed on the market.

REACH in Borregaard

Borregaard remains continually informed about REACH, through our membership in CEFIC, CEPI, The Federation of Norwegian Industries and other channels.
Borregaard has a duty to meet all legal requirements - as a producer/manufacturer, importer, distributor or downstream user - and we are preparing our organisation accordingly.
It is hereby confirmed that Borregaard has pre-registered all relevant substances that are produced and/or imported in the EEA by Borregaard.
We will continue to communicate with all our customers and suppliers to share the necessary information in accordance with legal requirements.

Specific information regarding lignosulphonates:

As natural polymers, lignosulphonates are exempt from registration in REACH. Borregaard LignoTech will nevertheless work in and with the supply chain to ensure that all substances that are used in the production of our lignosulphonates are in accordance with REACH requirements.

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