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The Environment

The world faces a number of important challenges related to climate and the environment, food production and resource management. Borregaard and the industry in general represent part of the solutions to these challenges.

Borregaard uses renewable and natural raw materials and converts them into valuable products that can replace oil-based alternatives. The products are supplied to major markets such as agriculture and fisheries, medicine and food, construction and environmentally friendly biofuels. Our energy production is renewed in both thermal energy and hydroelectric power, and the use of oil is reduced considerably.

Borregaard is the world's most advanced biorefinery. High raw material utilisation, lower greenhouse gas emissions and products to replace oil-based alternatives provide the sustainable and future-oriented solutions which the world needs.

Our biorefinery provides global environmental solutions.

  • The green room

    Borregaard's use of trees has its roots far back in time, but also belongs to the future. Innovation at a high tempo and global presence have ensured the development of the biorefinery concept through the company's 120 year long history. Read more