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Borregaard provides sustainable solutions based on renewable raw materials and unique competence. Borregaard’s entire business model centres around sustainability, and therefore this is always a natural component of its overarching goals.

  • Sustainability Report 2018

    We fulfill our corporate responsibility by running our operations profitably and in a manner that complies with fundamental ethical values and respect for individuals, society as a whole and the environment. Read more
  • Global challenges and sustainable solutions

    Borregaard’s innovative solutions can play an important role in addressing the world’s greatest sustainable development challenges; population growth and climate change. Read more
  • Borregaard's contribution to the UN's 2030 agenda

    Borregaard has prioritised six of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals set out in the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The priorities were selected based on the global challenges the world faces, as well as the solutions the company can contribute. Read more
  • Borregaard joined Global Compact

    Borregaard has joined the United Nations Global Compact Programme, the world’s largest corporate responsibility initiative - with over 10,000 business and non-business participants in 135 countries. Read more
  • Sponsorship

    Local sponsorship and support activities are an investment in our community, both in terms of living environment, climate for business and cultural aspects. Read more
  • Corporate responsibility

    Borregaard's operations are international. Even though the challenges vary in the different activities and countries, Borregaard has the same principles as the basis for all their operations. Read more
  • EHS

    Borregaard bases its environment, health and safety policy on the following criteria: Read more